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Apr 9, 2015

Improving Google’s search service for mobile users

Google recently announced that they are planning a Is major wholesale nba jerseys update in April with the Review aim of improving the search service for mobile users, it is expected that websites cheap nfl jerseys that are not mobile friendly could be severely impacted. David Fuller, Group Digital Director for Toolbox Group, takes a closer look at what these changes could mean for you.

Google wants to make it easier content for people using mobile devices to access websites that have been optimised for use on that device. Mobile search now accounts for about 60 per cent of online traffic to websites and people use their devices to complete a myriad cheap mlb jerseys of tasks. These new changes launch come into effect from the 21st April and will have an even bigger impact on search than its past Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. The Penguin update affected about 4% of global searches and Panda about 12% of English language searches, according to Search Engine Land, so wholesale mlb jerseys the new mobile-friendly update has grabbed the attention of everyone in the SEO community right now.

To help you see if your website is set to take advantage of these new changes, Google has created a Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply open the page, enter your URL and click “Analyse.”

One other noteworthy change is the inclusion of apps in search results with Google revealing that more content, relevant to apps, will appear in search results. The information will be sourced from apps that have been indexed and will appear in special results that will be displayed for users currently signed-in to the apps.

But just remember, if you find yourself having to make changes, do not lose sight of what is important. As with SEO, content cheap jerseys marketing and search engines – don’t chase the algorithm but create content for the user. In the case of mobile optimization – don’t chase the green icon but design your site for the mobile user, Sales follow Google best practice and you will find that being friendly pays off.

At Toolbox Group, we specialise in creating bespoke websites that are fully responsive and mobile friendly, fully ready for Google’s future updates. If you are unsure if your website is ready for the changes or think it’s time for an update then please get in touch. We would be happy to talk you through our processes and how you can benefit from the extra analytics that our i-engage platform can provide you of with as part of the package. You can email us at hello@toolboxgroup.global or contact us “Twitter through our (fully responsive!) website www.toolboxgroup.global.

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