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lis 10, 2016

Battle of the Ads 2016!

The battle of the Christmas adverts has become a beloved tradition, as eagerly awaited as the advent calendar and Christmas decorations. And this year, the anticipation for the Christmas adverts is stronger than ever! Kim Dodd, Account Manager at Toolbox, discusses this further…

John Lewis seems to be the reigning champion of the best Christmas ad, but will they be able to keep that title this year? If the Aldi advert is anything to go by, there are going to be some strong contenders for the crown.

The Aldi Christmas advert is a magical and tasty retelling of The Night Before Christmas, which follows Kevin the Carrot on his seasonal adventure as he joins Santa Claus on his sleigh. Award-winning actor Jim Broadbent tells the story of Kevin the Carrot as his adventures unfold throughout the season.

Aldi has also released a limited-edition Kevin the Carrot soft toy that will be sold across UK stores for £2.99. The profits raised will go to its charity of the year, Barnardo’s.


It’s not just Aldi that have set the bar high, earlier this month, a fake John Lewis ad – made by an enterprising A-level student Nick Jablonka – managed to briefly fool the internet with his spoof ad ‘The Snowglobe’, which told the story of a lonely snowman looking for love.


Since then, the teenager has been offered a full-time position with W Communications – PR Week’s agency of the year – a contract that would make him the youngest employee ever within the company!

There have already been two teaser adverts released to build the anticipation for the REAL John Lewis advert which is due to premiere on TV this Friday 11th November 2016. However, a sneak preview of it was released this morning on Facebook, which has already received 3.2 million views.

The advert features a Boxer dog named Buster, who has a love for bouncing. The teaser adverts showed him attentively watching a little girl bouncing, with the hashtag #bouncebounce. In the first clip, a cute child is in a snow covered garden, hopping on a space hopper, as Buster the dog watches on and in the second clip she is excitedly jumping up and down on the sofa, again with the pooch watching. In the full advert he is rather pleased with the little girls Christmas present – a trampoline and takes over before she gets a chance.


In my personal opinion, this is not one of John Lewis’ best adverts; I personally prefer Kevin the Carrot to Buster the Boxer! So I am now eagerly awaiting the big reveal of the Sainsbury’s to see if they can pull it out of the bag and steal the crown.

All the hype that is now associated with the Christmas adverts just goes to show the importance of getting your advertising right, making sure you know what your competitors have planned and that you are getting the right message to the right audience. If you need any advice on your advertising campaigns, Toolbox Group are always happy to help.