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paź 27, 2016

Daydreaming about Google VR

Last week, an article from Tech Radar talked about the Google Daydream, Google’s next mobile VR platform, that combines a Daydream-ready phone with their new virtual reality headset called Daydream View. This week Toolbox Group’s Application Developer, Timothy Simnett, takes a closer look.

Virtual Reality has always been a buzz word among gamers and computer graphics enthusiasts, but for most of us it doesn’t feature in everyday life. Previous attempts by Google to create a somewhat-disposable VR headset were aimed at a low-cost way to get people in the VR door, on low-end smart phones. However, Google Daydream is an attempt to create a more robust vision, which should provide high-quality experiences for users of the latest version of the Android OS, Android Nougat.

According to Google, there will be over 50 apps and games available on the platform, users will be able to explore the solar system in an app called Star Chart. Google also showed off a shooter game. It’s not just games that can make use of VR though. Current applications for the technology include helping you to navigate through large spaces such as museums, while allowing you to get more interactive with the art.

Here at Toolbox, we have developed a number of mobile applications for Shopping Centre’s, which include store maps to help users find and navigate retail outlets. VR could bring great opportunities in the future as the technology matures, not only to help you find your way around large Shopping Centre’s but also to interactively explore the products and services within them!