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paź 19, 2016

When should brands start their Christmas Advertising on Facebook?

Are brands too late when it comes to their Christmas advertising on Facebook? Lauren Carter, Account Executive at Toolbox Group, takes a little look into what we could all be doing wrong…

More and more brands are looking for the Omni-channel approach when it comes to targeting their core shopper; this approach includes advertising on Facebook. But are brands leaving their festive communication too late?


According to Ian Edwards, Facebook’s Head of Communications Planning for Northern Europe, almost half of mobile shoppers complete their shopping in November. 40% of mobile shoppers have already finished their Christmas shopping by November, with 41% of mums on the social network finishing their shopping within the same time frame. Therefore, launching campaigns in November isn’t necessarily the wisest move. With everyone looking to launch their Christmas messages online in November, there is a danger of the brand voice getting lost within the noise of other brands. In order to capture this digitally enhanced audience, the messages need to be attention grabbing and short.

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When thinking about successful Christmas advertising you instantly think of John Lewis and their effective multi-channel approach; however, this types of advertisement is in danger, as a Christmas TV advert opens slowly and builds to a big reveal in the last third of the ad. In the mobile age, people want the big reveal to happen almost instantly or they will switch it off. Facebook has grown daily with mobile video views almost at eight billion – This does not mean that brands should aim to target every single one of their growing audience. You do not want to bombard the user with advertising as this will lead to a poor user experience and in turn make the user ‚switch off’ to the brand messages. In order to advertise on Facebook effectively targeting is important, focus on segmentation and a specific market.

Toolbox can do just that – offer their client the chance to promote their brand to the maximum, throughout the whole year; but especially at notable times of year, like Christmas. Toolbox understand the importance of ensuring that the captive audience is caught before they lose interest in the topic.