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Chances are we’ve been in your shoes. In the course of our careers, we’ve been property managers, directors of strategy, portfolio marketers, qualitative and quantitative researchers, corporate brand builders, event managers, PR people and clients ourselves. We’ve been working in and for the retail property sector for… longer than we wish to admit. It’s what we know. 

We are a carefully selected team of specialists. Among us are strategists, creative thinkers, consumer insight experts, digital masters, marketing leaders and award-winning designers.

We are innovators, not because it’s fashionable to innovate, but because we are continually adapting to changing consumer habits and industry trends.

 As an international team with experience across 16 countries, we bring both a global perspective and local knowledge to help our clients solve challenges and exceed goals.

 You’ll find that with so much diversity and flexibility in our DNA, we are easy to work with: supportive yet candid, professional and plenty of fun.

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Our attitude is that we’re in this together. We deliver so that you can deliver. Our main goal is to add value to the asset team. We make it our business to understand your business and that of every stakeholder in the process.

And of course we understand that you want the best of both worlds: a quality service that comes at a manageable, predictable rate. We know how marketing budgets work and we recognize the importance of planning costs. You can depend on us to tailor our package of services to your needs and budget.


We’re all measured – and our performance is measured in units of your success. Your value for money and return on investment are central to our business goals. 

We’ve worked on the whole spectrum of retail property businesses and we’ve tackled every kind of objective, big and small. Whatever the project, we understand the importance of a well-deployed verification process, without which even the best creative and strategic work can’t truly be assessed. All of our long-term planning includes measurement strategies and ample room for tailoring future solutions to real-time results.

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Harnessing our depth of experience in the retail property sector, we have developed unique tools that provide our clients with effective solutions to daily challenges that cut spending and enhance long-term asset value.

  • i-Engage™
  • Mallcomm™
  • Toolbox Commercial


We have worked with a diverse range of assets, tackling challenges at all levels of complexity. No matter how big or small the task, the retail property sector is our playing field and we know we can bring home the win. We know when to use each of our tools to answer our clients’ actual needs. Whether you require a cornerstone strategic partner or a spirited campaign to deliver KPIs, we have the solution and the experience to deliver success.

“Toolbox Marketing is one of the few specialist agencies in shopping centre marketing providing a full range of services.   Combining local market knowledge with their experience and creativity they offer a fresh but sound approach to their clients.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Polish team so far and we look forward to our continued cooperation.”

Dominik Piwek, Head of Marketing
Balmain Property Management

Meet Us

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“Toolbox Marketing is a highly experienced and trusted partner with full understanding of the complex issues facing the spectrum of asset.  They provide us with solid strategic and creative solutions which deliver positive results.  The team has exceptional consumer insight in both local and international markets.”

Matthew Lunt
European Portfolio & Asset Management Group



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The real estate power couple

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“Toolbox Marketing impressed us with their detailed and empathetic understanding of consumer behaviours, and clear strategy of how best to capitalise on that insight. They offer a fully integrated approach and I am very much looking forward to working with them in the successful  implementation and execution of the strategy which will be the next challenge for both Meyer Bergman and Toolbox moving forward”

Mark Gamble, Executive Director Asset Management
Meyer Bergman

Work with us

We are looking for experienced and talented people who will help us serve our clients better than ever. If that sounds like you, please contact us with your vision for the role you can play on our team. (We’d say to include a CV, but if you’re anything like someone we want to hire, you’ll… include it without a reminder.)

“Toolbox Marketing helped us with one of our biggest European property purchases. They were tasked with raising our profile in the B2B market which they did with great style, passion – and enormous success.”

Steve Brooks, Chairman

How we give back

As a business nestled away in the Suffolk country side we appreciate what local business is. Small towns and villages rely on their local traders and business owners to stimulate the local economy. That is why we like to use our expertise to help fellow local businesses as well as looking after our large, international clients.

Toolbox Group supports local businesses through the delivery of marketing activities and digital solutions at special rates, as well as through continued involvement with the community. We are proud to offer training opportunities to local professionals and pledge to continue providing our neighbours with various forms of ongoing support.

Our digital team have built websites for many local companies based in Bardwell and the neighbouring villages. Companies we have worked for at great value rates include;

The Six Bells public house and B&B, Bardwell
The Pine House Company, Stowlangtoft
Diss Ironworks, Diss
Anchor Storage, Debenham

If you are a small, local company and want to know if we can help you, we’d love you to get in touch. Why not see if we can help you?

We are thrilled with our new website, it has already worked wonders for our online presence and we love the modern design. The team at Toolbox are really easy to work with, understood the brief right away and have always been ready to help when we needed it.  Our web traffic is already showing improvements we are getting great feedback from our customers.

Hannah Hyde, Diss Iron works


Although much of Toolbox Group’s work comes from large international clients, we are also keen to give back to the local community. Being based in the village of Bardwell offers quite a few opportunities and we have always been keen to help out where possible, through sponsorship and offering the services of both our digital and creative departments. Toolbox Group are the proud sponsors of the local cricket club, Cars on the Green and Bardfest.

With the local community’s enthusiastic support for the cricket club it has grown into a major force. Founded in 2008, Toolbox Group provided the funding to buy their first ever set of game shirts, all 12 of them that were required. Since then the club has grown and expanded year on year and now boasts two adult men’s teams, a ladies side plus an ever growing youth sections. We really enjoy working with the club, helping to design the fixture list and score cards and still providing the shirts … only now they need about 60 of them!

Cars on the Green is an annual village event that sees the village green come to life with over fifty classic cars from all over Suffolk competing for the top prize and attracting visitors from all over East Anglia. Bardfest, a weekend family festival full of music, food, drink and fairground attractions, has grown from being a one night event for 200 people into a weekend that attracts over 2,500 people in just 6 years. For 2015, Toolbox Group’s creative studio not only updated the concept banners, posters, programme and T-shirts but also designed and hosted a website which could facilitate ticket purchases and pre-booking.

Our local community is very important to us, we want to give back to the village that makes us feel so welcome. It is a core ethos that runs through the spine of our business, if you don’t understand, respect and engage in your most local community, how can you be expected to do so in other places your business reaches.